I have been a Heathrow escort since I was 19 and I love every minute of it. The thrill excites me


When I was young I was like a very ambitious for I was full of ambitions in life. I grew with my mom and she happens to be a single man for my father left us early and went to heaven due to a car accident after I had my 15th birthday my mom followed my father for I do believe that they just fulfill their promises during their vows. That is all I’ve been thinking on in order for me to accept that I’ll be alone in my life since my mom left me for good. I have seen so much love from my mother which I am so proud of her for she raised e so well that even she is not I my side physically but I know deep in my heart she and my dad will never left by my side forever. So I continue life and I choose to stay at home and continues to go school with the help my relatives of course. There were times that my cousins that they will sleep over in my house. There is one thing that I really admire the most of my parents all the way to my journey in life they kept on saying me to do what makes me happy in life. That is what I am doing now even though they are there to witness the happiness that I feel.

Being alone in life is not so easy for I have to be independent and to stand still to fight the battle of life. I was left behind with full of back-ups for my mom and dad leave me savings which I know I need to work out for it so that it will not be all wasted for it came from their hard work and love for me. So after I had my debut wherein my aunties and neighborhood and friends come up with a very unique way of celebrating my 18th birthday. After the celebration I made up some realization that I do really need to look for job in order for my savings will not be getting lower instead it will become bigger and bigger. So I then told myself I can found a job that would make me very happy then I’ll go for it even if I still go to school for I don’t have any intentions of stopping from school.

A year after my debut there was this friend of mine who worked with Heathrow escorts. At first I began to dislike her job but what I saw in her she is doing so well and what I can see her is myself fulfilling my ambitions when I was young. So I talked to her about the kind of job that she is with in Heathrow escorts. As I’ve heard her saying all those kind words regarding her job I got interested on it. I never seen wrong with her wrong for as long as she work for it happily and whole heartedly. Now after a series of nights thinking about the work of my friend I just woke one day and telling her that I would like to be part of Heathrow escorts. She was happy then bringing me in the great office of Heathrow escorts. So to cut it short I got the job and I had my one year training meaning I had to be in Heathrow for a year training. After I had passed my training of with payment. I am ready to be thrown in field and with all by my surprise my first client was my forever crush and I was so excited about it. one thing that very romantic with that encounter is that he then propose to me how he felt about me and he became my boyfriend and not only that he became my regular costumer. He accepts me of my work the more he loves me for being so independent. Every time we will have an encounter almost every day I love every minute of it. The thrill excites me because each day our love for each grows more day by day.